CAM Infertility Treatment

Our multi  faceted, natural approach to male and female infertility as well as our extensive experience,  gives patients the benefit of a combination of tried and tested treatment modalities which in turn yield better overall results.

Individual Fertility Programs are devised for each patient.

We also  offer ongoing support through pregnancy and childbirth.

Our program is designed for:

  • Couples who want to improve their general health before trying to conceive.
  • Couples who have been trying to conceive for some time, with no identifiable underlying problem (unexplained infertility)
  • Females with hormonal imbalances or gynaecological problems, for example Endometriosis, Poly-cystic ovaries, irregular ovulation and blocked tubes.
  • Males with low sperm count, poor morphology and mobility, high antibodies
  • Couples who want natural support through pregnancy
  • Couples who want to give their baby the best start in life
  • Couples who wish to maximize their chances of success in IVF , IUI, ICSI or other assisted reproductive techniques (ART)
  • Advanced maternal age

Frequently Asked Questions

How many acupuncture treatments do I need if I am doing a stimulated cycle?

Depending on the patient, acupuncture is usually done every 2 weeks for the 3 months before transfer takes place. Acupuncture must also be done within 24 hours of transfer and no more than an hour after transfer.

How quickly does CAM infertility treatment work?

Depending on the patient, usually within 3 – 6 month.

How does CAM, TCM and Acupuncture work to improve fertility?

  • It increases blood flow to the organs of reproduction (uterus, ovaries, testis)
  • It optimizes hormone levels (estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, prolactin, cortisol, FSH and LH )
  • It decreases the body’s overall stress response.

What can you do to help yourself?

  • Eliminate nicotine, caffeine, drugs and alcohol
  • Take a natural high potency multivitamin and mineral complex with iron, folic acid and B vitamins
  • Eat only free range, hormone free meat
  • Reduce refined breads, carbohydrates and sugar
  • Exercise moderately
  • Become aware of fertility signs
  • Have 2 vegetarian days a week

How can we assist you

We will help you balance the dis-harmonies which may have been preventing conception.

Approximately one in six to ten couples experience problems with fertility, and while it is very common for couples today to feel like ‘ it is getting too late” and also that the average couple waits longer to conceive, CAM and TCM may help turn back the reproductive clock.

It takes at least 3 cycles to normalize a woman’s menstrual cycle; longer if she has taken fertility drugs, has a history of sexually transmitted disease, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease or poly cystic ovaries ( PCOS).

Likewise, it takes 70 days to generated new sperm in a man. If he has a history of drug and alcohol abuse or urological complications, it may take longer to regenerate his reproductive capacity.

Herbal Fertility Enhancement

Certain herbs contain natural substances which correct underlying deficiencies or removes obstructions. By way of a thorough diagnosis, we will analyze your body’s individual dis-harmonies and develop a prescription designed precisely to correct your imbalances.

These herbal formulas will be created based upon your past medical history  and  your present symptoms. We will individualize each herbal formula, sometimes providing different herbs for various phases of your cycle.

We then tailor each herbal remedy to meet your body’s reproductive requirements.

The herbal formula prescribed for you will be multi-faceted, containing:

  1. Herbs to strengthen your entire system and improve general health.
  2. Herbs to correct your particular imbalances.
  3. Herbs directly targeted at improving reproductive function, depending on your individual diagnosis.

How to take control of your fertility

Begin recording your temperature with a digital thermometer every morning upon awakening (before rising.) A typical graph will show a slight drop in temperature just prior to ovulation followed by a rise between 0.3 and 1.0 degree C as a result of rising progesterone after ovulation.

Progesterone (and temperature) should remain elevated approximately 14 days and then drop, signaling the onset of menses.

If conception occurs your temperature should remain elevated and even jump to a third level on the graph.

An ovulation kit may also be used to determine the day of ovulation. A urine sample is used for this purpose.

Note changes in vaginal mucus during the month – it should be wet and slippery like egg whites around ovulation. Note these changes on a chart.

Note alterations in the cervix – rising estrogen levels around ovulation cause the cervix to soften and move up and away from the vagina while the cervical opening enlarges. These changes can be felt. Note these changes on your chart as well.

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