Therapeutic Reflexology

Reflexology is an ancient healing art recorded as early as 2,500 BC. It’s a focused pressured treatment of the feet (or hands). There are reflexes on the feet that correspond to specific organs, glands and other parts of the body. Focused pressures given to specific areas of the feet helps breaking up blockages in the body’s parts, glands or organs.

Reflexology suits any age groups, from babies to seniors. It promotes relaxation, improves circulation, reduces pain, soothes tired feet, detoxifies, and encourages overall healing such as stress related conditions, tension headaches, digestive disorders, arthritis, insomnia, hormonal imbalances, sport injuries, PMS, back pain and infertility etc.

A reflexology session will last about one hour. Most people feel deeply relaxed, might fall asleep during the session, very rarely people feel lethargic, nauseous or tearful which is part of the healing process.

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